Crowd Control Security

Crowd Control Security

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Professional crowd control services

No matter how large the event may be, or how compact and enclosed the space is, when it comes to crowd control services clients know to contact the experts here at YPG Risk.

We offer crowd control solutions for both private and public events, working to ensure all those in attendance feel safe and protected at all times. The work of the YPG Risk team begins before the event itself, as we research the specific features and elements of the upcoming event and develop a detailed plan of how best to approach the security measures and crowd control matters at hand.

Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional security personnel who are dedicated to delivering top-notch service. Trust the professionals at YPG Risk today to discover more about our renowned crowd control security services.


Leading Crowd Control Security Services in Melbourne

YPG Risk is the name to remember when searching for a qualified event security and crowd control team for an upcoming event or gathering in Australia.

Our services are built upon years of combined experience in the security industry, with our team being led by a managing director who has provided security services to clients in Melbourne since 1999. Out simply that means that we are confident in each and every service we provide, because they have been tested first-hand and refined by our knowledgeable team.

We make use of the latest and very best equipment and software available, such as Axon fleet dash and monitoring software, Safariland body armour, Axon body cameras, and Rapid radio systems.

For all further enquiries, or to arrange a consultation with the YPG Risk team, simply call 1300 690 099 today.

Securing a Wide Range of Industries

YPG RISK is a security company in Melbourne owned and operated by Grant Burton, Grant has built his 22 year career in the security industry.

Australia’s leading provider in security and entertainment industry with over 90 years of combined experience

Products we use

  • Axon
  • Qrpatrol
  • Safariland
  • Rapid