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Security Personnel With Experience

YPG Risk is proud to be a sought-after and trusted name when it comes to security guard services. We have more than 90 years of combined management experience, and employ a qualified and proven team who can adjust their services to meet the demands of any given job or assignment.

We utilise the very best in modern and sophisticated security software, allowing us to provide the highest level of service and protection to our clients. These systems include Axon body camera, Safariland body armour, Axon fleet dash & monitoring software, and Rapid radio systems.

So when you want a security guard service that is built on accountability, professionalism, and understanding, make sure you turn to the team here at YPG Risk.

Trusted Security Guards in Melbourne

When they work with our security guards, Melbourne clients can be confident that their event is well protected. We provide a range of versatile services to our clients, adapting to the situation at hand to ensure that we can always deliver the highest standard of security services and assistance in Melbourne.

The managing director of YPG Risk has been in the security business since 1999, meaning clients can always be sure they will receive services and security solutions that have been refined and developed through years of industry-leading experience. Our management structure also includes two former Victoria Police officers, demonstrating that we draw on the years of combined knowledge and skill of our team to deliver a more detailed and attentive security service for our clients that is tailored to suit the demands of the job or event at hand.

A Proven Security Guard Company with Qualified Personnel

When clients turn to YPG Risk they can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that they are working with a leading and qualified team of trusted security personnel.

No matter the optics or the details of the job at hand, clients can be confident in our team’s ability to go well above even the highest expectations in terms of professionalism and awareness.
So when you’re planning an event or function and are looking for the right team of security guards, our company is the one to remember. For all further enquiries simply call YPG Security today on 1300 690 099.

Our Market Sectors

YPG RISK is a security company in Melbourne owned and operated by Grant Burton, Grant has built his 22 year career in the security industry.

Australia’s leading provider in security and entertainment industry with over 90 years of combined experience

Clients That Trust In YPG Risk Security Services

  • First Parking
  • Grange Automation
  • Hanes Brands Inc
  • YPG client Craigieburn
  • YPG client Hacer
  • YPG client Berluti
  • YPG client Mcsonald
  • YPG client Jefferson
  • YPG client Awh
  • YPG client Logo
  • Anglican
  • Mars
  • Toyota
  • Xavier College
  • Cityofmelbourne
  • Regentcaravans
  • Ivanhoe

Products we use

  • YPG uses Axon
  • YPG uses Qrpatrol
  • YPG uses Safariland
  • YPG uses Rapid