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Australias First

YPG Risk Unveils Hydrogen Powered Patrol Vehicle Fleet

The All-New Toyota Mirai is a zero emissions vehicle that’s driven by the purity of its purpose, taking inspiration from the impossible to help deliver a cleaner world for a better tomorrow. It uses one of the world’s most abundant resources, hydrogen, to power a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). This innovative technology not only provides admirable performance but also emits nothing more than water vapor.

Experience firsthand how this next generation of mobility, combined with our commitment to mobile security patrol services, can contribute to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Feature Fleet Car
Toyota MIRAI Hydrogen Fuel Call Car

Fuel Of The Future Found In

How A Fuel Cell Works


Hydrogen is stored inside three triple-layer carbon-fibre wrapped and polymer lined tanks that are incredibly strong and can store enough fuel for extended driving.


The large front grille
takes in the air from the atmosphere and delivers it to the Fuel Cell.


In the Fuel Cell, hydrogen and oxygen combine in a closed chemical reaction to create the electricity required to power the vehicle.

Emits Only Water
Emits only water

The only by-product of a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle using oxygen and hydrogen is water vapour that is released harmlessly from the rear outlet.

Australias First
Australia's First Hydrogen
Fuelled Patrol Car
Hydrogen Universal

Hydrogen is

Zero Greenhouse

Zero greenhouse

Clean To Produce

Clean to


Safety stored as
liquid or gas

How it works
How It Works

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